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Life Hearing, Inc.?


Helping you hear is our number one concern.

We love the look of joy on our patient’s faces when their hearing is restored.


We’re not happy unless you are.

Our passion is helping our clients hear again. We’ll work with you to find the solution best for you and adjust it until it’s perfect.


We hire only the best hearing instrument specialists in Huntington Beach and Orange, CA.

Whether you’re just getting your hearing checked or looking to buy hearing aids, our highly-trained staff has the latest information and research to make sure you’re choosing a solution that will last you for years.


Our professional hearing tests accurately measure any hearing loss.

Getting hearing aids is akin to getting prescription glasses. The first step is finding out what level of support you need with a hearing test. A professional hearing test not only will help determine whether you have hearing loss and whether hearing aids might help, it will give you an accurate “prescription” so that we can calibrate your hearing aids to your hearing loss.


Our fitting process guarantees your satisfaction.

Hearing aids are highly sophisticated devices. Calibrating them to your specific hearing loss is only the first step. Hearing aids need to be adjusted to fit in your ear canal. We also modify settings so that you hear in both quiet and noisy environments, and readjust them as your brain adjusts to hearing again. Hearing aids are a significant investment into your quality of life. Getting them properly programmed and fitted is crucial to making sure they are actually working and that you’re comfortable enough to wear them daily.


The latest technology will help you hear better.

You’d be amazed at what hearing aids can do today. New hearing aid technology has created an incredibly clear sound, reduced feedback and background noise, and often offers additional functionality like syncing with your smart devices. We offer all the top brands in all price ranges.


We offer ongoing support and hearing healthcare.

With free clean and checks, multiple fittings, and ongoing support, we are here for you long after you make a purchase.


Everything you need to hear again.

Not only do we offer the top brands and a wide variety of hearing aids, we also offer assistive devices, hearing aid batteries and other accessories.


Free professional cleanings.

Naturally, we’ll show you how to take care of your hearing aids and clean them, but occasionally it’s a good idea to get a professional cleaning and to make sure they’re working as advertised.


We also fix hearing aids.

When something goes wrong with your hearing aid, it can really throw you off. We can do most repairs quickly on location. If it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer we’ll expedite that and may be able to offer you a loaner pair.





Don't wait to get treatment.